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Month: November 2017

suicidal thoughts? 3 day rules

What If 3 Days Go By and Suicide Still Beckons? Time does not heal all wounds, especially not quickly. The 3-day rule aside, I do not mean to imply that you should end your life if you still feel acutely […]


Self-destruction I feel enclosed in a hole that’s easy to get out of I wrap myself in blankets but they no longer feel warm My skin no more my skin And the mirror I’ afraid of A reflection that was […]


strength The wrath of wind, it comes and goes, The fear of men, no longer blows, The hunger of fire, it does devour, But all who give in, it will sour, The strength of water, cannot be matched, By eery […]


look for something positive every day. this is for You. are you feeling down? sad? or worthless? are you feeling like you aren’t good enough or life has beaten you down so much that you question if getting back up […]