5 Best face sun screen for summer 2018

Yasss! summer is here I know how excited all of us are. especially for the sunscreen and the burning eyes, oily skin shiny and chalky not to mention not cute at all.! I have been in the same situation just about every year, in a way I hate the feeling and in the other, I can’t go without putting sunscreen on.. it is a must. your worry is over I have put a list for you of the best of the best sunscreens ever. no eye burn no muggy feeling nor oily skin, get ready to be blown away…

WetForce Expert Sun Ageing Protection Lotion SPF30, Shiseido
Super durable, this is ideal if you’re planning on swimming, sporting, or doing anything else in the sun that might make you a bit sweaty….
Face Protect SPF50, Tom Ford
Packed full of anti-oxidants, this stuff is fast absorbing and devises the skin feeling super smooth. If you are planning on wearing makeup in the sun a beach party or anything similar this makes a great primer, too.


Adaptasun Face Cream, Institut Esthederm
High portion protection or a golden tan? Find a solution that can do both. This quickly activates the melanin process, indicating you’ll get a deeper tan without damaging the skin. I Love!
Anthelios Invisible Face Mist SPF50, La Roche-Posay
Putting on sunscreen on the beach can often end up in a sand-based flaking while you try to guess if you’ve left streaks of white all over your face. Not with this, though. A light mist over your chops gives high protection with zero colors. Plus, it can be used on even the most sensitive of skins.
Sheer Mineral UV Defense SPF30, Skinceuticals
Peek into any derm’s drawer and you’ll see some Skinceuticals in there. this stuff isn’t only to make protect your face from the sun it is great for your skin period!!! i love this stuff i would recommend it to everyone!! Use it every day, sun or no sun.