look for something positive every day.
this is for You.
are you feeling down? sad? or worthless?
are you feeling like you aren’t good enough or life has beaten you down so much that you question if getting back up is worth it?
today’s wisdom of words is
” look for something positive in each day and if you can’t see it
look harder”
yes, life can beat us down at times but we ought to know that God doesn’t give us anything we can’t handle.
we are humans that are passing in this world, and when I say the world
I want you to think about 2 things one how big it is and all the countries
2 how many people are in this world. Someone out there is facing pain just as much as you, and many are facing much more, people who thought they are weak and helpless
made it through much more rough situations that this.
whatever you might feel it is hard, remember France,Italy,Saudi Arabia , middle east etc
everywhere there are people suffering so be glad it can be worse.
Second, i want you to take a breath and think about all your problems like a pearl necklace
to get all the pearls out you have to first break it = get up and decide you want to do something.
then we start pulling pearl after pearl= which are your problems
at the end we have them all out of the thread which is our life.
stay strong and remember God is always watching and listening.