How Maxi dresses in winter

Tips & Tricks to Make Maxi Dresses Winter Appropriate Check the weather App before leavingAlthough in this post I encourage you girls to wear maxi dresses in winter, it doesn’t mean that I would wear it on a rainy day or if there is 5 cm of snow. So, the first thing I recommend is not an styling tip, but common sense. If it’s a dry day and you will spend the day mainly Indoors then, go for it! Layers and more layersThe most important thing in winter is to wear several layers of clothes. In this case I was wearing a turtleneck long sleeve top under the dress, as well as a pair of super thick tights and a wool coat on top. Another super trendy option is to use a thick knit sweater over the dress and so wear it as a maxi skirt. Take care of your feetIn my case I don’t mind my legs, but my feet. This is why it is very important to take care of the shoes you wear. The booties are a must this season. With this outfit I wore over the knee boots, which helped me to keep my legs warm, but also would have looked cool with ankle boots. AccessorizeWinter accessories such as scarves, hats and gloves will be your best friends. Just make sure that the ones you choose are in line with the style of the dress. In my case I decided to wear one of my beloved berets (you know this is my favourite accessory), besides looking very chic keeps my head and ears warm. I hope you find these trick helpful and tell me in the comments down below what do you want to see me writing about next time

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