Pear body shape, with wide hips and narrow shoulders. What dress styles will be the most flattering ?

We are all different and god made each one of us unique in a way different faces, different tastes and different body shapes. today I will be talking about the pear body pear shape, with wide hips and narrow shoulders. What will dress styles be the most flattering on them?

Those with hips wider than their shoulders, with a curvy backside and legs are commonly referred to as a pear shape. I don’t mean to box you into being the same shape of a fruit, but it’s helpful to keep in mind as you find the perfect dresses for your shape!

Here are the most complementary dress styles for a pear body shape! 


  1. Fit & flare dresses

Why fit & flare dresses are complementary:
The fitted bodice with a flared skirt works wonders when it comes to balancing your shape and highlighting all the attention to your slim shoulders. Plus, it’s leveled proportions make it a winner for nearly every body shape.

















Why wrap dresses are complementary:
Wrap dresses are a universal favorite for every shape. Since most cinch around your natural waist, a wrap dress creates an ultra-flattering balancing effect on your silhouette.














3. clouche dress 

clouche dresses are perfect for the pear body shape.. just like a lot of the previous styles I showed you this also has a pouf to it in the skirt to give your body the kick of posture! not only great for pear but most of the bodies look great in this style














              4.SHIFT DRESS

Why shift dresses are complementary::
Don’t get confused with a sheath, the shift dress highlights a looser cut throughout your figure— The shoulders on your shift dress should be fitted, but not too tight.