These are the best (streak-free) fake tans out there

I know that summer is here and we are all excited to get tan and beautiful body bronze color. but let’s admit some of us won’t even go to the beach without looking tan. and some may not go at all because we simply don’t have time. well, today I will share my solution. why not a fake tan, whether you are going on a last minute trip, meeting, dinner or whatever and you need to look extra bronzy and beautiful I recommend these 4 fake tans product I have used and loved each is, of course, different and with different timing:D enjoy



you can purchase this moose off of amazon for 44$ I love this if I am going somewhere in a rush to look bronzy and shiny. this is my go-to product
If you want a long-lasting fake tan without having to wait around for hours whilst it develops, this one is for you. Leave it on for one hour for a light sun-kissed glow, two hours, for a medium tan and three hours for a deeper bronze. The golden shade is one of the most flattering.
Sienna X High-Intensity Express. this is on the expensive side I found it on Amazon for 102$
this will smooth the skin, moisturize any dry patches and gives a golden glow in as little as an hour.
Best fake tan: Vita Liberata 2-3 Week Tan. if this does not scream affordable and great color to you i don’t know what will i found this on Amazon for 34$ yes this make a little longer but you will get the result you are looking for
Best fake tan: Garnier BB Body Bronzer, $7.99
this is the wash it off tan! want to look bronzy for couple of hours this is you go to! you can find it at any drug store. but i found it off of amazon for 7.99$ 😀