Wardrobe for office work casual and fresh but professional and Effect of wardrobe on business relations.

Being a working female that’s always on a tight schedule I am always lost about what to wear?

How to manage to look professional but not also add 30 years to my age ?

I have adopted this summer a style to tone down the old lady looks I would tend to sometimes drown into with out meaning.

My routine in the morning consists of 30 minutes to get ready and out the door before my phone and schedule goes on this loose so I will today include several pictures of what my wardrobe looked for this week. I adopted colorful tops! But or mixed and matched with comfortable dress pants. I found out that changing up from Dark colored pants alone will make your outfit look younger and fun! While still manage to look professional.

I have also added couple Of denim looks! Ladies denim gives the impression of casual but yet well put together. Not to mention young and energetic!

The effect my wardrobe had on my business relationships.

I didn’t expect this but I sure did notice it by the second day.

We I leaned towards solid colors and plain such as navy blue black or gray. I didn’t actually get much of positive response from people. Either closing a sale, signing a contract or even gaining new relations. I can say definitely when my wardrobe had more colors a change of at least 10% was present I was shocked with the amount of work I had gotten done because of people engaging More. As well as positive response from Clients and customers by the 6th day I could really see a big change!

I am not 100% sir of my theory! But ladies test it out and let me Know what you think.

I look forward to reading your messages!

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